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2019 Staff Day Toastmasters Showcase

The Staff Day Toastmasters Committee is busy planning a Showcase to Celebrate our 5th Year as WashU Clubs! This year we would like to have a 1-hour Showcase that exhibits a few speeches, table topics as well as a portion for our members to share how Toastmasters has been a benefit to them. 

This year, ComedySportz Improv will be partnering with us for the second hour! (https://www.cszstlouis.com/)

WHEN – 1 – 3pm, Monday, May 20

WHERE – Olin Business School Bauer Hall 330 “Active Learning Lab”

Thank you all!

Maureen Kleekamp, Jennifer Krupp, Tonya Morgan, Jennifer Huck


In April 2014, two Toastmasters clubs were formed at WashU: one on the Danforth Campus and one on West Campus. In the past few years, dozens of speeches have been prepared, practiced, and delivered by these two groups of people. We are happy to say that a third WashU club chartered in April 2017, this one on the Medical School campus: WashU MedMasters. Through this organization, members have shared a wide variety of experiences and knowledge ranging, topic-wise, from purely professional content to deeply personal matters, and as you might imagine there were lots of humorous presentations sprinkled in between. Given the caliber of many of the speeches, the club officers thought it a shame more people couldn’t hear and enjoy them (and selfishly, that we couldn’t hear them again) and from that sentiment, this special event was born.

Still have questions? If you have any questions about the showcase, please contact Jennifer Huck (935-8641).

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