WUSTL Speaks is a Toastmasters International club formed at WashU in spring 2014. If you are not familiar with Toastmasters, it is an organization designed to improve one’s skill in the great art of public speaking, as well as leadership. Their proven approach provides help and insight in both the preparation and delivery of spoken information. WUSTL Speaks is comprised of WashU staff, graduate students, faculty, and alumni looking to improve their skills and comfort in this arena. The Washington University campus has shown to be a wonderful location for this storied and respected organization given the great personal and professional diversity of our employee-base.

Still have questions? If you have any questions about our club, please contact one of the officers.

Club Officers

Officers are elected by club members to serve twelve month, repeatable terms. The only officer who cannot repeat his or her term is our President, because they serve the following year as Immediate Past President, in an advisory role to the new executive committee.

President Peter Ogunniran, PI4
Vice President Education Xiaodan Wang, MS3
Vice President Membership Jennifer Krupp, DL3
Vice President Public Relations Mamdouh Alotaibi, IP1
Secretary Ivy Xu
Treasurer Cecily Hawksworth, CC, ALB
Sergeant at Arms Rosalind Early, SR2
Immediate Past President Jonathan Lee, DL2


“No man is an island,” they all say (well, except Simon & Garfunkel). And it is important to realize nothing gets accomplished without using the wonderful work done by your predecessors. So, without further ado…

Credit where credit is due

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