Contest Champions

By Rosalind Early On March 26, WUSTL Speaks members Mary Clemens and Troy DeArmitt took part in the area international speech contest and area evaluation contest respectively. This was Mary’s second time competing at the area level. In the fall she competed in the impromptu speaking contest. It was also her second time taking home Read more ➡

Showing What We’ve Got

By the Editorial Staff On May 18, members of Washington University’s staff got a taste of Toastmasters at  Staff Day’s inaugural Talk Soon Speech Showcase. Organized by Troy DeArmitt and Shirley Ikemeier, the showcase included the six best speeches of the year as determined by Toast of WU and WUSTL Speaks club members. (With the Read more ➡

Celebrating our Anniversary

By Anna Eggemeyer WUSTL Speaks celebrated its one year anniversary on April 29, 2015. For the meeting, Cecily Hawksworth spoke about the art of origami, complete with visual aids. She chose her speech topic, paper folding, in honor of our one-year anniversary. Paper is a traditional first-year wedding gift. While also drawing a helpful flow chart,  Read more ➡