WUSTL Speaks - Wednesday February 17, 2021

Location: Zoom  Meeting ID - 97075166866

WUSTL Speaks Club 3906421 Region 5 – District 8

President or Presiding Officer leads the self-introductions. Introduces the Toastmaster of the Day.

Toastmaster 2 Peter Ogunniran, PI4
Introduces supporting roles. Leads the meeting.
Timer Open
Grammarian Open
Presents the Word of the Day
Wizard of Ahs 3 Jennifer Krupp, DL3

Speaking Program: Toastmaster introduces Speakers.

Speaker 1 Anna Eggemeyer, CC

"This is Not a Drill - You Are Going to Hawai'i!" Other Manual or Non Manual Speech: Custom Speech 5 to 7 minutes
 Green: 5  Yellow: 6  Red: 7
Speaker 2 Open

Impromptu Speaking

Topics Master Open
Each Table Topics Speaker  Green: 1  Yellow: 1:30  Red: 2

Evaluation Program

General Evaluator Rosalind Early, SR2
Calls for evaluations and reports from Timer, Grammarian, Wizard of Ahs. Gives overall evaluation of the meeting.
Evaluator 1 Open
Evaluator 2 Open
Each evaluator  Green: 2  Yellow: 2:30  Red: 3

12:45 Presiding officer gives business announcements & closing remarks

12:00 PM End